Apply for Our Awards
Our awards have been rated 3.0

SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Snjezana Bertoncelj
Future Design
For the Design of all Awards we are presenting, without her help we'd have no awards to offer  :) We went to her wonderful site to apply for award and found the answer to what awards we wanted to the left are samples of her work and the Awards we'll be presenting....
The Rules for Applying

1. See Criteria Page for Each awards requirements.

2. If you win, link the award back to our site.

3. If you accept one of our awards I will ask your permission to put your sites name on my winner's

4. It also would be nice if you could look at our site
and sign our guest book, but it is not required that
you do.  VERY IMPORTANT...if you present awards
and signing Guest Book is required please don't
apply as you won't win one.  Voting for Our site for Above
linked awards would be appreciated although not required.  :)

5. We enjoy viewing new sites but they should have
a central theme, contain more than one page and be more than just links page.

6.  The "Touched Our Hearts Award" cannot not be
applied for, will be awarded when we feel it is warranted.

7.  Please read Award Criteria before applying as
it gives overview of what we'll be looking for.

8.  To apply for award send E-mail to Ed Carosella, web master with your Name and E-mail address, Site URL and Name, brief description of site, and which award applying for.  Let me know if your E-mail can receive attachments or not, very important, also what name you want on Award.

9.  Your site will be reviewed by myself and another friend of mine before deciding whether site receives award.  Note we might also use Site Inspector to evaluate your site, if Site Inspector used Popularity
and Submit scores will not count towards site overall score.

10.  Only winners of awards will be notified.

11.  Finally, Good Luck and if you present awards, visit
Carosella Family Page and see what you think :)

Special Note
Please allow up to 1 to 2 weeks for sites visits and reply for Award winners.